Loving You is My Life

AZSMS Love Card

I want those feelings, I want that in my heart, I want that in my eyes, in my smiles, on my lips and in my life. I want LOVE in my life, all life and after life.

I saw love in your eyes and I felt it. That was the first time I felt that way.  Its true that true love is so pure, it can purify the heart and the soul. You are my life, My True Love.

Loving you is my life and living with you is my dream. I want you to be mine and mine forever.

Your love makes me strong and makes my life an ideal one. I wish you can see whats in my heart and what you mean to me.


Top 10 Love Sms For Lovers

love sms top 10 collectionLove is something very powerful in the world. It makes the person do any thing for whom he love. If you are in love, you don’t want to do any hard thing just send them your voice of heart, Love SMS. Select a cute Message and send them, imagine them smiling and wait for their romantic response.

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Will You Love Me

Have you hugged me when u saw me at first,

Just as your voice came to me across the vast Ocean,

When I am sick, from the sleepless night,

restless to see you in reality conceals, its charm

Will you accept me forever so it feels like heaven,

Although the fragrance of your body diffuses all over,

And all my clothes torn, waiting for your return for years,

Will you love me now as you loved me earlier?

When words were lost, and with nothing to say,

Will you love me after knowing that how much I love you?

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